Need Urgent Help- H1B Transfer to Two Employers Same Time.


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I am currently on H1B visa with Employer-A. I got 2 job offers from Employer -B and Employer-C.


Employer-B started my H1b transfer on Premium process and Employer-C started my H1B transfer also on Regular at Same time. (I submitted same supporting documents to both Employer-B and Employer-C for H1B Transfer from Employer-A)


I got H1b transfer approved for Employer-B from USCIS. Employer-C H1B transfer is still pending state because of it is regular process. But I am interested on Employer-C job offer.


1.      Can I start work with Employer -B now? And After 2 or 3 months of working with Employer -B Can I go to Employer-C when their H1b transfer is approved?


2.      Once Employer-C H1B Transfer is approved, Do I need to initiate new H1B transfer to Employer-C from Employer -B?


3.      Do I need to tell Employer-C about my previous 2 or 3 months employment with Employer -B? Is this process will give me any problem in future from Employer-C?


4.      Employer-B is started my future GC before I joined.  Once my PERM and I-140 is approved with Employer-B, since my wife is on H4 visa, she will get EAD. Then If I join in Employer-C (will start my GC only after 1 year), is my wife EAD still continues?  Can USCIS extend her EAD even after I join to Employer-C?

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