I 485 - Request for Initial Evidence


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I got my I140 approved early this year. I applied for I485, I131 and I765. Both I131 and 765 got approved. On the same day however, i got a request for initial evidence for I485. 


The office requested evidence to show that I maintained non-immigrant status during a specific period of time. I have been in the US for 9 years in F1 and H1. I have submitted all the documents I have --  I797, I94 etc. However the 16 month period for which evidence is requested I was not in the US. I resided the entire sixteen months in India for my personal project. I got 1 year leave of absence from my company. In short, i do not have any i797 or visa to show that I maintained non-immigrant status during that time. What i can show is itinerary that i left the country, exit stamps arrival stamps etc. 


As one of the documents requested for evidence is a legible photocopy of I94 front and back. During that time period, US immigration did away with paper I94 so i dont have a record of the same. 


Has anyone faced similar issue? What sort of documentation needs to be furnished? any pointers would help.



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