I 539- H4 TO F1 visa


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Hello Attorney


I have got admission In a university for Masters degree study program

I am on H4 visa status in usa I want to apply for Change of status H4 to F1

But our H4 visa on passport has expired and it was by the old employer of my h1 b

my husband switched the company and we have our new I-797 and I-94as well but we haven't travelled to India and got our visa stamping done .


1) my query is would my COS of H4 to F1 status be denied as my H4 visa has not been stamped ever since our new I-797 is extended.


2)I heard some got denial as the extended visa isn't stamped

3) My program will be started on sept fall 2016

4)how many days prior should be file SEVIS and what is the effective date meant which we should mention


awaiting response


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