I140 - material misrepresentation?


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I have my I140 approved by company A in 2014 with priority date in 2013 under EB2 - India.


I got copy of I140 with FOIA.


I am in process of applying a full time position with the client where I am currently working.


In I140, I see that my country of birth has been mentioned as name of a state in india. It is not the state of my address in india but a neighbouring state.


I am pretty sure that my current employer will revoke the I140 once I resign. My question is that can they revoke my I-140 stating that it is material misrepresentation?


I am dead sure I never mention the other state name in my communication to them. I checked my company emails to document what I sent to them. Ironically after my I140 was filed, all my previous emails prior to year 2014 are deleted and I can not see them on server. so I don't have copy of that.


I want to keep my priority date with my new position.


Please suggest.

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