Change of employer after I-140


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My I-140 approved in Feb2016.

I 797 valid till Aug 2017.

Plan of change to new employer.

My current employer advised to stay with him because new law might get passed that
1) employees with I140 approved through current employers have chances of getting EAD

2) Atleast No need to start GC process from starting ? Is this true?


If I moved to new company B can I come back to my current employer A before Aug 2017 ?

Is it required to start GC process with B again? Because I am not sure how long I stay with them as I got fixed 3 year contract with known client and the prime vendor(B) doesnt take 3rd party H1. I need to be on thier W2.

If I come back to my current employer after 3 years Can I continue with him without applying GC process?


Plesae let me know your advise?








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