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I have heard many issues related to the Employer. Most common issues are Employer not paying salary, Employer not sharing I797 and paystubs, Employer threatening employee of revoking the visa etc. A friend of mine is also facing similar issues. While searching for answers I saw many people suggesting the employee to report to the DOL or talk to an Attroney. This is an Employer-employee (Labour) related issue and not about the Visa. But any such action by the employee would impact his/her visa status (which is an immigration issue).


My question is- should the Employee (victim) see an Immigration attorney or Labout attorney? and why? One who decides to report to DOL or take any legal action should be aware of the consequences. Which attorney would be able to educate the victim appropriately? 


Thanks in Advance.

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You have to fill DOL on your own if you really having troubles with employer.

Your name

  • Your address and phone number (how you can be contacted)
  • The name of the company where you work(ed)
  • Location of the company (this may be different from where you worked)
  • Phone number of the company
  • Manager or owners name (who should we ask to speak to?)
  • Type of work you did
  • How and when you were paid (i.e. cash or check, every Friday)

Any additional information that you can provide such as copies of pay stubs, personal records of hours worked, or other information on your employers pay practices are helpful.

All services are free and confidential, whether you are documented or not. Please remember that your employer cannot terminate you or in any other manner discriminate against you for filing a complaint with WHD.


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