I-94 over stay by a day / Visitor Visa B2


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During last visit to US, my parents over stayed their allowed I-94 by 1 day. (Arrived on 7 Feb 2013 and left on 7 Aug 2013, total of 181 days). At that time i did not know that maximum visitor allowed stay is 180 (not 6 months)..I only realized this mistake (on my part) when i saw their I-94 on the day of their departure (it was too late to do anything by then). 


I read on some forums that if a person over stays even by a day, their visa automatically gets automatically cancelled ?? Is this true ? Is there way to find if the visa is cancelled ?


If it is cancelled, can i reapply for their US visa without any penalty (like 3 or 10 yr ban )


I also checked https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/consent.html website for their I-94 records.

My parents visited US twice (2011 and 2013). I could find my mom's arrival and departure records of 2011 and 2013 arrival records but no departure record. For my dad, i could only find his 2011 arrival and departure, no 2013 arrival or departure records.


They are planning on visiting US in a month. Will they face  a problem at port of entry ? What can i do now to make sure they don't have any issue when they arrive ?? New visa ? explanation letter for 1 day over stay etc ??


Thanks for taking time to read and respond.






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Technically the B2 visa on the passport is voided by operation of law under Sec 222(g) of Immigration and Nationality Act, if s/he overstays in the U.S. beyond the date specified on the i-94. S/he has to obtain a new B2 visa to re-enter the United States, if allowed to board the flight one may be subject to expedited removal proceedings.

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