Change in Job Title on Perm and Current Job title


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I have mentioned my Job Title as Web logic developer and Occupation title as Software Developer on the Perm and and same on LCA. My I-140 was approved . Now, I would like to change technology. There will be change in Job Title if I go with other technology. Will this cause any future problems ! Will this effect GC processing ?


Appreciate your response. 


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Most of DESI companies small-mid level they keep the title as software developer or programmer analyst.. So even if you move other technology you can use the same title like Software Engineer. I don't see any problem here.Until unless if you move full time to client and they give different title.

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lets say Job title is Informatica Developer and Occupation title as Software Developer on I129 and on PERM. If I want to change into JAVA and take a full time position , then my job title changes but occupation title remains same. In this case, what will be impact of change in Job Title?

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