previous unused H1B petition want to reapply


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I have a H1 approved petition from 2008 -2011 but I did not get in to the country as I could not get through stamping. The petition got wasted, but I am planning to re-apply this year and my employer said I will not come under regular quota and my petition and I can file as an extension, is this true? if it is true how much of my VISA (6 years) is counted so far and how many years will I have left on my VISA. Can anyone please help me with a right guidance.




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You can either extend the visa with current employer or you can find any good employer who has very strong supporting documents and transfer it and then go for stamping.

I have seen people who apply H1 and will not go for stamping or land here because they have lot of issues with employer and questions running in their mind. So First make it your self clear that you want to go for stamping.

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