Consular processing for first time h1b


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I received my masters degree in electrical engineering from Arizona State University. I have been working at Qualcomm as Contractor from Aug,2014. My OPT was valid from 18th Dec,2013 to 14th Nov,2014. I got my OPT extension which was valid from 15th Nov,2014 to 14th April,2016. Now, my consulting company applied for my H1-B as regular processing on April 1, 2015. I didn't receive any status about my application until Mar, 2016. In Mar, 2016 I received RFE from USICS. My consulting company applied the response to this RFE on May 24, 2016. I waited for almost 2 months(until July, 24) and then asked my company to change my application to premium processing. They changed my application to premium processing and I received approval on Aug 9, 2016. Here is when i got to know that my company had applied my H1-B in consular processing with Mumbai consulate as the consulate for processing. Since my OPT expired on April 14, 2016 I am on cap-gap and during this my I-94 i valid until Sept 30, 2016. I have few questions associated with this:


1) Can i apply for change of status in premium processing ? What are my chances of getting it approved? How long does it take to get approved in premium / regular processing?


2) If I do get RFE in my application , can i still go for visa stamping to Mexico/Canada or even home country (India) for stamping? 


3) Can i get two appointments for US consulate(one at U.S consulate in Mexico and one at U.S consulate in Mumbai,India)?


4) If I decide to go to Mexico, do i need a visa to go to mexico? 


5) If i decide to go to Mexico and officer asks me to go to my home country for stamping, can i come back to U.S or do i have to directly go to India from Mexico? 

If I go to mexico without visa, is there any problem for me to stay in Mexico, till I book my ticket to go to India?


6) My consulting company has put Mumbai as my consulate, is there any problem for me go to U.S consulate in Mexico? 


7) Can i stay beyond Sept 30, 2016? Is there any way i can stay?

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