H1B transfer while petition to convert full-time H1B to part-time H1B is in progress


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My full-time H1B visa was approved for FY 2017 through premium processing w/o any RFE issues. Due to financial hardship, my employer wants to file a petition to convert my full-time H1B into a part-time H1B. This petition will be filed before October 1, 2016 and may take 6 to 9 months to get approved. However, an immigration attorney suggested that my employer could assume that the petition has been approved and pay me according to part-time H1B terms until the decision for the petition has been declared.


Will changing the payment terms before getting the petition approved cause any issues? Can I transfer my H1B to another company without any issues while the full-time to part-time H1B petition is still under review? Please clarify. Thank you!





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