Need help on Perm filing


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Hi ,


I am currently a full time employee and converted recently to Company 'B' .. My Previous  company 'A' (Consulting Firm) filed my Perm and got approved and then i converted to full time ...


Now my Present company (B) is preparing documentation to file Perm and mean while i called my previous employer to get my experience letter , then they ask me if consider filing I -140 ..  


Can you guide me here , Can 2 companies file GC simultaneously ? One is I-140 Pending and  2nd one preparing to file Perm . 


1st Perm filed as Programmer Analyst and 2nd one would be a Software Engineer and my question is that if they mention and apply as 2 different roles does it impact on new GC filing ? 


All these job roles and responsibilities should be  same both petitions ?  


Thanks In Advance,


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