Grace period after CPT for second Masters ?


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Hi, I am posting this question for a friend. He completed his Masters from US, worked on OPT, unfortunately he didn't get through H1b lottery, joined another Masters and got CPT. His second masters and CPT expires in 3 days. He was hoping he would get CPT extension for another masters in same university. But his university denied. He is planning to take admission in another university but since admission process, SEVIS update, etc would take a couple of days, I would like to know if he would be out of status after his current Masters & CPT expires. Is there any grace period that you get in such situation? I know you get 60 days grace period after OPT but I am not sure about this situation. Could someone provide relevant information?

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Dude, forget about grace period. What you're currently doing is completely against F1 rules, you are in deep trouble for abusing F1. I suggest you to contact an attorney now before you get into more trouble.


Working on CPT is ILLEGAL, some ppl even got deported. BTW, what is the name of your university?

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