F2 to H4 while Spouse H1B is in Pending


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Hello Murthy Law,


Currently I am on F1 and my spouse is on F2. My H1B visa is approved and will start from Oct 1, 2016. Also my spouse H1B is picked in lottery this year and is in pending status.

  1. So do I have to file for her H4 VISA since her H1-B is still in pending status and she will be no more on F2 from Oct 1, 2016 ??
  2. If I have to file her H4 VISA does it affect her H1B application anyways ???
  3. If I have to file her H4 VISA how many days before Oct 1 I have to file and how many days it takes to get her H4 approved ??
  4. What is the H4-Visa application fee ?
  5. If I file her H4 and it takes later than Oct 1 to get her H4, she will be in valid status only ??



Thank you in advance for answering my questions in timely manner !










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