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You seem to be a bit confused.

There is no H4-to-H1 transfer.

If the H1 was filed with a change of status, then you would be in H1 status from the start date on when it is approved.

If the H1 was not filed with COS, you remain in your current status until a new H1 petition with COS is approved, or you would have to go abroad, get an H1 visa, and enter with that visa into H1 status.

Also, the H1 can not be transferred to another employer until you have started working for the original H1 petitioner.

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I came to US through H4 visa on 21 Feb 2015 and i got transfer to H1 on 1 Oct 2015, my H1 case was picked on the same year.


I have a plan to go India this year end and be worried of the stamping.


1.Can you folks advice how risk stamping would be..?

2.Will there ask any question of why i transfer from h4 to h1.

3.What are the documents i need to carry in-order to get stamping easy.


I dont have W2 for the year 2015 (i.e Oct till Dec 2015 ) since i dint get any project project till jan 2016. My pays are generated only from jan 2016.


Can you please let me know is it safe to travel india for stamping with his criteria and where i need to be more precautions .






Please reply.

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