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I am planning to travel to China end of August, for one week on a work related purpose. I would like to apply for a visa appointment at the Beijing US Embassy on as I have not traveled outside the US after I received my H-1B approval in March 2014. 
Since my profile was created with the Indian address and I appeared for visa interviews in Chennai, India, on my previous H-1B visa stamping, I am not able to choose the Beijing Embassy. After my login, it automatically takes me to the "Apply for a U.S. Visa in India" page. 

How do I choose the Beijing Embassy as my venue of visa appointment? 


One option is to travel to India, but there is a big waiting time for visa appointment. So I will not be able to return to US for my work for a few months.

My last stamped visa expired in Nov 2014, so I am not able to use the drop-off option.

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