H1B Transfer while Extension is inprogress


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Currently i am working with Company A and my I94 and visa is valid till Sep10.


I have sent the documents for H1b extension to my current employer on July 20 and as of now i did not get any update from them whether they filed the petition or not ? They will do this on normal processing.


Meanwhile, I got an offer from Company B and have sent them the documents for H1b transfer (I am hoping that they will file for H1b transfer by Aug20). This is through premium processing.


Since H1b transfer is filed with PP, i am hoping that it would be approved first. In that case shall i join Company B ?


What will happen with Petition filed with Company A ? Is this an issue ?


Can someone please guide me on this ?



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Hi, Thank you for this. 



Is it safe to Join company B with receipt or should i wait for h1b transfer approval ?


Also, lets say if H1b transfer is not approved  within Sep10 (till I94 expiry date) and both company A & B filed their petitions with USCIS - can i continue with my current company and join company B once transfer is approved & complete ?

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