Change of Employer with I-140 Approved


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I have a H1B until Sep 30 2018 (End of 6 years) with I-140 approved with my current employer. So if i have job offer from another employer and the new employer will file PERM only after 1 year of working,


1. Can I get H1b transfer with new employer with current I-140 assuming that my current I-140 with old employer is not revoked and also can i use this I-140 filed by old employer after 6th year? 


2. If I get H1b transfer with new employer using my I-140, Can I get H1B until my 6th year, which is Sep 30 2018 for 2 years or I will get it for another 3 years?


3. Does it would be risky to go with new employer which will file PERM only after one year later if my current employer going revoke I-140 as i have only 2 years left for my 6 year period?


4. what is EB2- I-140 porting or portability, how it can be used?

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