Successful Visa Stamping EVC Model@ Vancouver - August 10th


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Hello All,


Below is my VISA experience.


August 10th - Interview young lady immigration officer at counter 5. Below are the questions.


Interview - No documents asked and she told its approved and will get passport in 3-5 business Days time. .


1. is your kids are US citizens ?

2. When you leave US Last time?

3. What did  you study?

4. Job Role

5. How many years you are working for this employer?


Visa is approved and got all passports on August 12 and back to us on same day.

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Hi Kiran,


Congrats on your Visa approval.


Me and my Wife are planning to attend for H1B visa in Vancouver (Our Date is Sep-01-2016).

Our kid is 3 years old (US Citizen). Is it ok to take him to embassy along with us? Did you take your kids with you to Embassy?


Or do we need to find a baby sitter for him?


Thanks in advance.

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