Preference classification when changing GC category


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I was eligible for EB1 in 2011 but my employer applied in EB3 only. I 140 was approved for EB3 and Priority date is in June 2011.


This year same employer agreed to file in EB1. I 140 was applied for EB1.  I 140 receipt notice shows the Preference classification as EB1 Multi National Manager and Priority date as May 2016.  I 485 was filed in July 2016. The I 485 receipt notice shows the Preference classification as Employment Based 3rd and Priority date as June 2011, same as my earlier EB3 application's Priority date.


Is this a problem? I am concerned that the EB1 I 485 receipt notice has the Preference Classification shown as EB3. I believe attorney tried to port the date of earlier EB3 but I do not know if this is correct. 


Please advise.

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