H1B Visa stamping with multiple I-797 approvals


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I am currently working in the US. I had an existing I-797 from my current employer which was expiring in November 2016 so I went ahead and applied for an extension which got approved but the start date on that petition is post November-2016 (post expiration date of my existing I-797). So, I have 2 I-797 now. 


1. valid till November-2016

2. valid from November-2016 onwards


I am planning to go back to India (beginning of September 2016) for visa stamping. I was filing  DS160 form and a bit confused at a section where I need to enter my petition number. Considering I am going before expiration of my old I-797 and coming back before start date of my new I-797, which petition number should I enter in DS160 form ?


I am concerned if I put new petition number, I may not get a valid visa stamp until November-2016. I am planning to return back to US by end of September


Please suggest



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