Stopping relatives to use your documents to secure US visa


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Readers - Some of you may find some humour in the following questions or may be some of you think that these questions are idiotic, but to be frank this situation for me is something to worry about. Please help.


My in-laws are trying to secure US visit visa using my work related documents (all xeroxes), which they acquired through my wife (of course). Now, I came to know that they are planning a visit USA within 1-2 months. I never have given them my consent to use my documents and they are planning to come here un-invited, something they should not do for their self-respect. Now, my questions are:


- How can I stop them to secure a US visa?

- Do I need to write to Department of State for this?


I do not want them not to secure visa forever, but just for one year. 


- Is there a way that I can bring this to attention of DOS, so that consulate can be able to stop them at least for 1 year, not forever?


Looking forward to listening from you guys. Happy Independence Day!! 

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