got a DUI- need some info


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Hi, I had 2 DUI's in last 1 yr, on the second judge on the trial date i.e on july 24th set a bond for $20,000 and set a sentenced date on august 30th. Judge asked to pay $20,000 to get a bail untill Aug 30th. My lawyer did not help me much pn this, so i was afraid and paid the $20000 and came back to india the next day. I am not planning to attend the sentence date on Aug 30, as my lawyer told me i might need to do jail time for 6 months in the worst case. I ma in india my questions can i postpone the sentence date so that i could extend my stay in india and decide upon what to do.


This is my second extension and H1B expires next dec 2017. I have my i140 approved.


My question is

1. Can i come back to US after spending some time in india like 6 months?

2. What will be the consequences that i will face in the port of entry?



Please help me, i am confused of this situation.

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