Urgent: b2 visa for spouse of f2 student


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I am a F1 student doing MSCS, graduating in Dec 2016. 
I recently got married in May, and would like to bring my wife here for a few weeks. 
Eventually, we plan to apply her for F1 for next spring / fall. 

Right now, I have the following queries.

1. Is B2 safe enough to apply, considering am in F1. (her interview is this Thursday, 8/19)

2. Should we go for F2 instead ? (I was worried F2 would be rejected as I am graduating in 4 months), or apply F2 after 6 months once I get on OPT


Biggest concern is to avoid a 214(b) rejection. 
Please suggest a path forward. Should we apply for a B2 / F2 visa now, or wait for OPT to start. If both B2 / F2 are very risky, should we directly apply for F1 ? 

3. Also, would a 214(b) rejection in B2 damage chances of a F1 later ? 


Thanks !

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