Can I change my interview location after filling my DS160 and making my visa fee payment?

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I filled out my DS160 choosing Hyderabad as my interview location and made the visa fee payment. Unfortunately, am unable to find any visa stamping dates available in the month of September through November. 


So am trying to check if I schedule my appointment at another location like Mumbai since am planning to travel to India in the month of September or October. Do I need to fill a  new DS160 and make new visa fee payment? Or should just filling out a new DS160 suffice?


Also, my previously stamped H1 was until June 2015 (and have my new I797 valid until 2019)which makes me ineligible for drop box option, but can I still go to other places like Canada for my visa stamping or does it always have to be home country?Any risk in going to Canada?



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