H1B to L1A (COS) RFE


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My H1B is maxing out in 10 days and we filed cos (H1B to L1A) it went to RFE asking fallowing information(recently worked for 1 year outside of US with same company ) , i need to prepare the fallowing documents , can you please provide sample docs 


1) Revised letter from company in US describing how he will manage the organization, division, department, function or component; how he will supervise and control the work of other supervisory, professional or managerial personnel; whether or not he will have authority to hire and fire or recommend such actions; and how he will make decisions on daily operations of the activity or functions supervisedThe letter should describe the beneficiary’s daily managerial duties and provide a % of time spent on each job duty not group of duties


2) A detailed organizational chart showing the overseas entity’s organizational structure and staffing levels listing all employees in the beneficiary’s immediate division, department or team by name, job title, summary of duties, educational level and salary.  It needs to clearly identify the beneficiary, his supervisor and his subordinates


Thank you

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