H4 starting date in I-539


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Hello all,


As I mentioned before, my H1B expires Jan 31, 2017. I was looking into filing for COS to H4.  I-539 provides me an option to pick the start date for H4.  However, the instructions for Part 2., Item 2a states that "select the date you want your change of status to occur on. If approved, your change of status will occur on the date your current nonimmigrant status ends, the date of approval, or the requested date, whichever occurs later."  I'm confused about the "whichever occurs later" phrase.  Does this mean that even if I request for a H4 start date of Dec 20, 2016, for example, will my H4 not kick in before Jan 31, 2017?


Could any of you please clarify?

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