H4 to F1 visa stamping questions


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Hello Everyone,


Currently I am in US, came here on H4 visa (May 2015). Then I have applied for COS to F1 Visa and got approval on June 2016. I have got admission to one of the reputed University of Minneapolis (studying since FEB 2015) and will be able to complete half of the courses (6/12) by the time I fly from USA. My spouse PERM process has begun this month only(Aug,2016) currently at prevailing wage status.

My spouse and I are planning to go to India in January-2017. I do have following questions:


1) If my F-1 visa stamping gets rejected, can I come back to USA on my current H4 visa (my H-4 visa is valid till Sept-2017) or I have to apply for H-4 visa again to come back to US?

2) If my F-1 stamping get rejected and I have to apply for H-4 visa again, then how soon can I apply for that? Is there any time limit I'll have to wait or I can do that as soon as my F-1 gets rejected?

3) Can I apply for both H-4 and F-1 visa now, so that if F-1 gets rejected, I could go ahead for H-4 visa stamping to avoid any wait time?

4) My current H-4 visa is based on my spouse's old company which is valid till Sept 2017. In case my F1 visa get rejected, Do I need to get my H4 visa stamped again as my husband has joined a new company? (Petition valid till 9/2018) Or I can enter in US using old valid Visa?

5) If F-1 Visa get rejected, what are chances of H4 visa rejection?




Awaiting eagerly for responses!


Thanks and regards,





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