H1B Extension Premium Processing Pending more than 15 days


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Hello Everyone,


Below are the details:


Premium Processing


H1B Extension Received Date: 07/27

Spouse COS H1B to H4 Received date: 07/26

Spouse H4 EAD Received Date: 07/26.



Spouse COS H1B to H4 & H4 EAD Approval Date: 08/09. (Aug 9th)

H1B Extension Still Pending.


Its really strange that COS & H4 EAD have been approved but  H1B Extension is still pending.


Really confused and not sure how long it will take for decision for H1B Extension.


Did Anyone encountered same problem? or Any thoughts?

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hi guys! Just to update you. My application was redirected to vermont from nebraska (since mine is a new H1b cap exempt case). Although employer initially filed on Sept 12th, they did not forward to vermont until Sept 28th. I finally got a receipt on Sept 29th from vermont Center and the case was approved within 13 days. If you do not get a receipt within a few days, please speak to your lawyers to ensure that the case is filed at the right location to avoid unnecessary delays. 

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