I-94 Expiring Soon..Need guidance


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Hello Everyone,


Here is my scenario:


1. My current H1B stamping (went to Vancouver, Canada) on my passport is until September 2017

2. My current I-94 is valid until March 2017 as my current passport gets expired in March 2017


So, the CBP officer in Vancouver gave me my I-94 until the last date of my passport which is until March 2017




I have renewed my Indian passport and got it till 2026

I have applied for my H1B extension and I got it approved till 2019. The I94 in the new I797 has the dates till 2019


Should I go out of the the country in March 2017 to get a new I-94 which will be issued until September 2017 (as I have my stamping till then)


I know I need to go for my visa stamping after Sept 2017


Can I stay in the country after March 2017 as I have my new H1 petition or Can i go to Canada to extend my I94 till September 2017?


Please reply




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