Successful H1B Stamping - Matamoros


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I had successful H1B renewal stamping (3rd time) in Matamoros consulate on August 2nd.


I took Salvador services. Reached Matamoros on July 31st evening around 5 PM. Salvador picked me up from bus station and took me to his hotel. Took a 7 day permit which cost $25. I have mexico tourist visa also but I took it. Fingerprints on August 1st at 9 AM and it's done in 15 min.Interview is on August 2nd at 8 AM. I was out by 8:30 AM. Collected passport same day at 3 PM, it took around 30 min. And I was dropped at border and I walked towards US. It took around 3 hours to get I-94 (cost $6) and enter US, there was long wait. Regular questions at I-94 also, nothing in detail.


VO did not ask much...asked if its same employer from beginning. what is my job title and asked if employer filed immigrant petition.. that is it.


Overall it's a good trip. I highly recommend to take Salvador services as language is a big barrier. Hotel is clean and food is decent.


Thank you..

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How did you choose the Mexico location? Once I create a profile as applicant in India, I am not able to change the consulate location.

I live in US. I am not sure if that makes any difference.

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