H1B visa stamping in Mexico without Mexican visa


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Hi, my husband holding H1B visa and is going to expire. We wanted to go for stamping in Mexico. To get mexican visa there are lot of requirements( marriage certificate apostle, bank savings min 3000$ per month for 3 months etc..). Later we heard about mexican tourist visa for 7 days on arrival. Here are my concerns...


1. Is it true that mexican tourist visa on arrival for 7 days for Indian citizens ?

2. If so is it good to go through it for visa stamping ?

3. Mexican visa stamping is reliable or risk taking ?


Please give us reply as its bit urgent for us.

Thank you !

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If you have valid US visa, no need to take mexican tourist visa. To be on safe side, you may take a 7 day permit at border and it costs $25. 


Is it not mandatory to get mexican visa? where do we get 7 day permit.My US visa is expired. I am planning for Tijuana.

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