H1B (3 Years) to F1 to OPT to H1B (Transfer or New Application)


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I was on H1B with company A. I used my H1B for 3 years and did not extend it with company A. I changed to F1 visa to finish my Masters. I am on OPT right now. My question is:  

1.Since i did not use my 6 years of H1B, can i use the remaining 3 years?  

2. Since i am on OPT right now would it just be a H1B transfer or will i have to wait for April to apply for H1B?  

3. My first H1B was from Hospitality domain. A resort had sponsored my H1B then. Since i have a MS in IT field, I will apply for H1B as Software Engineer. Do i have to do anything indifferent while applying for H1B?  

Any help with these questions will really be appreciated.  



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