Do I need to transfer my spouse's H4 while I on H1B change my employer


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I am on H1B and my wife on H4. Both of our visa expired in 2015 but we got our extension approved until 2018 with my current employer. So my wife's I-539 is valid until 2018 (along with I-94 valid until 2018). And I got an opportunity with another company. Now I have couple of questions:

1. As the new company has filed for my H1 transfer, do they also have to transfer my wife's I-539?

2. I heard that if my wife's I-539 is not transferred with the new company then it might be a problem when she go to my Home country for stamping. 


Please kindly advice.


Thanks in Advance.

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Hello. Ian in the same situation as nkumar83. But, my spouse has registered in college as of Fall 2016 as an H4 student. During my H1 transfer process, which may take a couple of months, will she still be in valid H4 status, or will she have to convert to F1 for that time.

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