H1B Visa Stamp after 3 yrs on H1B


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I am contemplating to get my H1B visa stamp on my passport. I have some questions related to the same, which are as below:


1. Where it is advisable to get the H1B visa stamp,in my home country (India) or in neighboring country like (Canada)? If this helps, I did my studies (PhD) in US.


2. I have been on H1B for 3 yrs now, but have not got my H1B visa stamped in  my passport. Will this have any affect on my stamping? I have been in US since 2008 (as a student on F1 and then on OPT and H1B). During this time, I did not get a chance to go to India. Will this have a negative effect?


3. My Dad and brother are both US citizens, will this affect my stamping in any way?


Will appreciate your response on these. 




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