F1 - OPT delay in starting with company


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I have an OPT and an offer from a company. I recently had a baby. In order to make the full use of the OPT unemployment time, I gave the start date as one week before completing 90 days. As my baby was sick on the date of joining, I could not join the company and the company were nice enough to provide another start date which is ~1 month out.


The company has also filed for my H1B (which was selected in the lottery) which will become effective starting Oct 1.


Given this situation, can you please help provide input on what are my options?

- Can I stay in the country until the new start date?

- Can I look for volunteer positions in the meanwhile?

- Can I look for other jobs while I wait? - Given that I have 1 week left, and it might take a few days to find another job - how will this hurt/help?

- Can I be self employed?


Any inputs are appreciated.




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