Successful Visa Stamping @ Vancouver - August 2nd


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Hello All,


I had my Visa Appointment on August 3rd 7.45 and I got my passport today. 


August 2nd - I flew on "Air Canada" with a One Way ticket and reached Vancouver around 8.30pm.


Port of Entry was easy and they asked me the purpose of visit and i said "visa stamping and tourism". They asked me why no return ticket and i told them i am not sure when i get my passport back . They accepted it.


Samesun International Hostel -  Very good place to stay if you like the College hostel atmosphere/dorm. Very close to Embassy and in a good location.


August 3rd - Drizzling morning @ Vancouver and I carried all my documents in a bag. They didn't allow me to take bag . NO Worries. You can keep your bag in the coffee shop and they have a store room just for this. You may have to buy a sandwich after interview. 


Interview - No documents asked and she told its approved and will get passport in 3-5 days time. The process will take 2-3 hours and very slow.


Post Interview - I spend the whole day roaming around Vancouver - Gas Town, Stanley Park and Capilano Bridge.


August 4 -7 - I took a bus tour from Vancouver to Banff, Jasper National Park and Lake Louise. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I reached back @ Vancouver on August 7th night and stayed at same hostel.


August 8th - Around 10am , i got a email saying its shipped with a courier number.  I booked my ticket back to San Francisco for next day around 6pm.I went to visit "Grouse Mountain". Hike and Gondola. Its so beautiful. At Evening visited "English Bay" beach and few clubs near hostel. Granville St. is one of the most happening place in Vancouver.


August 9th - I got a email around 10am to collect the document and i collected around 12pm. I will fly back  in few hours and overall i had a great experience and nice vacation.


Things i learned/Observed in the tour :-


1) if DS-160 number is not matching with what you have in appointment , its okay - You just need to tell the visa officer. Some people after taking appointment may want to submit a new DS-160 and its perfectly alright


2) You don't need original I-797 and i showed them the xerox and never asked to show original.


3) Take your mind off from checking the status and waiting for the passport. Enjoy the beautiful Vancouver/Canada and things will happen in due course.


Thanks and Regards













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Was this your 1st time h1b stamping?

Looks like it took you about a week to get your passport back and be able to return to US. Any idea if this is the expected time-frame?


Could you please share the list of docs you took to the interview at Vancouver? I'm planning to drive down to vancouver for 1st time h1b visa stamping based on dates' availability and was hoping for some more details on your docs and travel.



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