H1B from India- Transfer to new employer Old H1 revoked and New H1 RFE


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        I came with a consultansy through H1 and once i came to US wasnt happy with the way employer is working. so without a job I tried to move to new consultansy and the new one did not file H1 rightaway atleast for months. In this time my old H1 got revoked and when i applied for New H1 with current employer I got an RFE on premium processing for Maintenance of Status. I tried to reason with old employer before and even now to get paystubs from them but they never responded to my emails. what are the options for me even if I respond to RFE correctly. What happens if I get approved? (Do i still go out of country?) what happens if i get denied? (Do i go back to India or file another petition with new company or same company?)



Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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