H1B Amendment Approved without client letter


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H1b Amendment submitted in PP: 14th June 2016

RFE received: 26th June 2016

RFE response: 22th July 2016

H1B Amendment approved: 4th August 2016


I got my H1B Amendment approved without client letter for location B.

My case was diminutive complexed as I have 3 vendors between my employer and client.

·         Client

·         Vendor A (Primary)

·         Vendor B

·         Vendor C

·         My Employer


As usual Client refused to give me client letter and then I collected below evidence for RFE.

1.     Vendor Supporting letter# A

2.     Vendor Supporting letter # B

3.     Vendor Supporting letter # C

4.     Work order document copy from vendor A. (no contract documentation between primary vendor and client due to contractual limitations and confidentiality reasons.)

5.     Supporting Email from client side Manager (very Important - showing official emails id)

6.     Supporting Email from my client side Team Lead (showing official emails id)

7.     My approved Timesheets from client system + paper timesheet for my employer

8.        Client side Organization structure, highlight my name 

9.     My office ID access card

10.  My State Id (residential prove)

11.  Work location photos (my desk etc)

12.  I94 + Passport copy (as I need i94 date extension along with H1b Amendment)

13.  Print outs of projects work emails between team.





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