Can a B1/B2 Visa Holder open a Non Profit Organization (Certification Body) in USA ?


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Hello All 


I am in living in India and possess B1/B2 Visa of united States of America (Please Note I have SSN as I had lived in USA for 3.5 years for studies MS in Comp. Sci and worked for 2 years)


I have following questions

  • Can I open a Non-Profit Organization (Certification Body) in USA (similar to PMI or Scrum) as a contributor/director/partner ?
  • If I cannot, if there a work around ? (such as I have a brother who is USA Greencard holder,  by putting his name on record and being a partner of the organization)
  • Whose accreditation if required to open a certification body in USA ?
  • What is the compliance a Nonprofit organization has to follow if it is opened in USA
  • What are the consequences if I am not allowed to open a certification body in USA (being a B1/B2 Visa Holder) and have already opened ?

It's very important for me to know.


Requesting guidance from all.


Thanks a ton

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