H1B due for expiry : Need to submit H4


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I am working in Company Tex Inc, I got my I-140 approved November 2015. My H1B was maxing out on Jan 2016. My Company submitted my extension. I took almost 6 months and I got my extension approved for an year. Now i have H1B till Jan 2017. My Wife has an active H1B till October 2016. She is Maxing out on October 2016. We decided to bring her under my H4 and get EAD. I am planning to get my H1B extention processed in premium and submit H4 conversion to my wife. I am assuming that if i get my H1B extension approved (example till Jan 2018) submitting H4 for my wife after that will get her h4 VISA from Oct 2016 till Jan 2018. Is my Understanding right? Or is there any better way i can get her H4 + EAD quick. 

I would be a great help if someone can help me regarding this. I heard that now H1 -> H4 conversions are taking longer time (6-8 months). 




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