L1-A Blanket Rejected - can I apply L1b through same cmpnay After an year


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Dear Team ,


I was having an L1B blanket visa and it was about to max out (5 year tenure ) so

I applied for L1-A blanket through the same company but my L1-A rejected say "Not clearly approvable " in May 2015.  The same month I traveled back to USA and completed my 5 year tenure using my existing L1-B and came back to home country on Jul -2015.


My Client want me back in USA but my company says ,  Once an L1-A blanket is rejected there is no option to file another blanket from the same company though there is a gap of 1 year + . Not sure if this is true


My Question : is it possible to process another L-1b Blanket after rejecting an L-1A blanket ? if not what option we have now



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