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  I have received a 221g letter from Chennai consulate asking for

1.Client Letter

2.Project Documents


I am with the same employer since 2008 and with the same client since 2012.I have an approved i140.I am eligible for drop box option.Last time on 2013 my visa got stamped through dropbox option. This time I 've received a 221g letter asking client letter and project documents and i was asked to appear for interview with the documents(no appointment needed.)


1. I do have a client letter provided to me on Jan 2016 for my h1b extension. When I contacted client for a new one, they told me the one issued is still valid. (They did not reply to my mail, but told me on phone). Will a 6 month old client letter addressing VFS work?


2.Does anybody know what exactly is  project documets? My employer provided  complete list of my H1B extension petition including 129,LCA,Letter to consulate etc.,when i asked for project documents.(already have i797)

Does that work? (Saw a note from attorney to employer  in the letter chain telling attorney doesn,t know what exactly is meant by project documets)


Please help! Thanks in advance.

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