H1B visa stamping validility if from 2 different employers


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Hello Experts,


I got my H1B visa stamped from Employer 'A' but stayed back in India (Never traveled to USA on H1B) due to personal reasons. Now I got another offer from Employer 'B' and my H1B got successfully transferred to Employer 'B'. Now:


1) Do I need to go for H1B Visa stamping with this new Employer'B'?

2) Suppose If I get H1B visa stamp again with this new Employer 'B', 

     a) will the earlier H1B visa stamp from Employer 'A' becomes invalid?

     b) Can I chose my employer at port of entry?

     c) Can I travel on H1B visa stamped from Employer 'A'?(choosing to ignore Employer              'B's though it's the latest visa stamp)


PS: It will be my first visit to US on H1B.


Thanks in advance.





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