Is it safe to travel to India for F-1 Stamping before school starts, when COS F2-F1 is approved ?


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I have a COS F2-F1 approved and my school starts on 12 Sep,2016. I have two options to get my F1 stamped. 

1. Visit India before 12 Sep and get my F1-Visa stamped. 
2. Visit India in December and get F1 Stamped. 

Does any of the options have less chances of a F1 denial ? Because I understand that my F1 is only effective from 12,Sep 2016. So If my F1 is denied for stamping before that I can come on F2 anyways. 

PS : I have completed 6 credits being a part-time student at the school(before Sep,12,2016). But my I-20 states that my course starts from 12,Sep, 2016.
Case history for COS F2-F1 

1. Applied on April 12 
2. RFE(3 pages) July 13 
3. Reply to RFE July 28 (No immigration lawyer involved.) 
4. Approved F1 August 4. All this at the California service center. 

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