Complicated H1 Transfer Issue? Desperate need of Suggestion


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My initial H1B petition with consulting firm A was from May 2014 - Sept 2016


Due to personal problems I couldn't come early and only came in Jun 2015. He wasn't running paychecks or offering pay so I applied for a  Transfer and extension to Company B in August 2015 on normal processing.


 I got a RFE in April 2016  asking for

  • Employer- Employee relationship as there were middle vendors between my employer B and end client X
  • Maintenance of Status. In terms of Company A

 My employer B replied the RFE as requested in time.  We haven't received a result yet.


Meanwhile my project ended a month ago  and I got another project with the same end client but with only one layer between my employer B and end Client X i.e Company C.


My employer B has now decided to apply for a new petition with the current project but the problem is the end client X doesn't give anyone client letter.


What are my options?

Should I request my employer B to wait for the earlier amendment result eventhough I am not on that project?

Should I ask them to apply for new petition and apply for premium processing even though the end client X letter wouldnt be in the documents attached?

Should I check with the middle layer Company C to see if they would employ me?

What do you think are my current options?


Please do Suggest it has been over a year and I am currently very frustrated with my situation


My Visa petition with Company A ends in September 2016




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