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I was issued H1B originally in 2005 under higher education study 20,000 quota.


I changed from employer A à B in 2006 and then from B à C in 2009. C filed for GC and I-140 was approved in Jan 2012.

I left C in Aug-2013 and had 1.5 years left on H1B extension which was expiring in Nov 2014. I believe C requested to revoke H1B as per USCIS rules but I understand I-140 is still valid. I have been out of US since i left job in Aug-2013.


My questions are: With an approved I-140, can I recapture 1.5 years time left on H1B even though the original 6 year time limit has long gone and I was on 3 year extension?


Would it be cap exempt so I can apply even now? WOuld it be H1b transfer as I do not have payslips for transfer


Thanks a lot!

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