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My H1B and OPT stem are in RFE status. My employer is preparing to reply for H1B RFE and also to upgrade to PP but he is not ready to sign the i983 for OPT STEM Extension. The deadline to reply for OPT STEM RFE is Aug 13 2016.


I am in CAP-GAP now and I am planning to withdraw my OPT STEM Application before the deadline because I did not find any employer who can sign the i983.


Will my decision to withdraw my OPT STEM application affect my H1B processing?


I have to provide a good reason to USCIS to withdraw my OPT STEM Application. What could be a better reason?


Please help me out with suggestions. Thank you.

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So, the employer is a consulting company then?

The new OPT STEM rules pretty much make it impossible to work for a consulting company on OPT STEM. ANd that's a good thing.

Find a better employer, not a consulting company.

Since you graduated from a US college, why didn't you go to job fairs at the college? Real local companies have booths at such job fairs. Signing up with consulting companies is pretty much always a bad idea.

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