Successful Visa Stamping Vancouver - July25th


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My experience.


1)Give me your documents (passport and I797)

2)By looking into I797, asked what your company does?

3)Is it a product company? stressed more about the company like how many employees etc.

4)Give me your LCA and PayStubs

5)Asked about different employer address in PayStubs and DS-160.

6)Where are you located?

7)What is your client?

8)How many years in US on H1-B

9)I-140 copy


That's it. You will get email in 3-5 days to pickup passport.


July 25th - showed administrative processing after approval

July 26th - Updated to Issued at 11.15 am

July 27th - Received email that passport is ready to pickup at 10.30 am. Picked at 2.15 pm and back to US same day.


Thanks to all who shared their experiences. It was very useful in preparation. I had my previous stamping also at the same location.

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Anyone you know who has experience with stamping without the original I 797.Sometimes I 797 are delayed due to various reasons.Please let me know.

How's that even possible? Many consulates these days seem to be wanting to keep your passport AND I-797. No workaround (for not taking original I-797) as far as I know. 


What's next? You're gonna tell me you don't have a passport either? 


Sorry for being snarky!

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