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I am in L1B visa which is valid till may 2017. Unfortunately, my client told me that they are closing my position by end of this August and my employer is looking for positions in other locations and hopefully will get it by august end or September middle.


On the other hand, I have applied for H1 through another consultant and it got picked in the lottery and got RFE. Consultant will be sending response by August 10th and I will get to know my Petition status by end of August. 
I came to know that for L1B to H1 COS, I should be in job and payroll till September 30th. 
Now, my questions are,
 What will happen if my employer terminate my position immediately as soon as I inform them about my resignation in September 15th ( two weeks notice period)?
Can I stay here though they terminate my position? what are the risks in this scenario?
How about informing them on September 30th? Will they hold me till October 15th(two weeks notice period)? Is that possible? Then, how about H1 period starts on October 1st? 
 Please suggest how to maintain my legal status in L1B till September 30th? 
Thanks and regards,
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